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Learning to Teach

‘Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.’ Winston Churchill

Today, following an online discussion with some colleagues who facilitate learning in virtual worlds, one shared an inspiring Youtube video of a collaborative project between two American Elementary schools over a Summer Camp. They were not ‘taught’ about the environmental disaster of the oil spill, they found about it as they attempted to alleviate the damage, at least in a virtual sense. They became the teachers. That is perhaps what you might expect from students who are investing their holiday time in engaging fun activities. But to do this? To dedicate themselves to developing an understanding of a particularly ‘un-fun’ issue, on their one time indicates the kids were truly exceptional and/or their facilitators were deeply inspiring. I’d hazard the answer of ‘both’.


You can see their process unfold here.


 For me this video demonstrated learning that was

  • relevant and timely
  • collaborative
  • creative
  • student driven
  • motivated by care for the environment
  • clearly communicated
  • has an audience in mind

Bravo to all involved. More of it I say.






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